Your Essay Tone

There’s kind of a line there that you don’t want to cross you want to write in a respectful but informal tone remember you’re writing in the first person which is by its very nature informal and out of the box again that’s kind of like humor I love out of the box essays as long as they are appropriate and show me and remember it’s not just writing an essay that’s fun to read because an essay that’s fun to read isn’t going to help you if it doesn’t serve as that interview of you that bob was talking about so sure outside of the box if you’re an outside-of-the-box person and if it shows something about you that will really make you a good fit for the college environment but again run it by a trusted adult. Find out about different text tones on Edusson.

And make sure that it’s working when read by an adult and then Bob you might even have some examples of things that have worked or not in your memory you know there’s many essays that I recall you know there are things I remember one student when I was a UNC Chapel Hill Road basically a short play about gangsters 20:50 it was probably one of the glourious essays I remember reading but it actually worked for the student it was comical and it’s just a different perspective to what the student was thinking about I remember last year reading an essay about a student talking about the 3rd grade class that he was working with and how the students were running around the classroom and doing goofy things and thinking to himself and just thinking how he looked with he was just standing there doing nothing as these kids were running all around him and so there was some humor there but it really told a story I think you want to sort of stay safe don’t go too far out of the lines because you are applying and it’s taking the process seriously but if you do have some humor and you want to put that into the essay to really show your personality. Do your essay really needs to be perfect? Find out here.

I don’t see anything wrong with that you know I think of a student that applied to Stanford two years ago I was writing a letter to his future college roommate he was talking about all the different things that he was going to bring and he was actually a student who was wheelchair-bound and said don’t worry about me I’m gonna be bringing extra wheelchairs with me one for the bathroom one for the bedroom one for going to class and they don’t worry about me I’ll take care of myself and just really told this interesting story about himself and just really who he was and just you could just feel the student as if he were sitting in the room right next to you and so you know he was adding in humor about his disability but it worked because he was really telling the story from his own perspective.