Putting A Blue Dog In Story

First of all the common application will cut you off most applications will cut you off and you don’t want to have your essay end in the middle of a sentence and think of what that will say to the reader that you don’t know how to follow directions okay can you use the same essay for multiple applications or repurpose say for all the application I certainly advise my students to do that I in the world of science and which I used to work we used to say never waste a good sentence if you have thought if you have carefully crafted paragraphs that say what you want to say you might reuse them but do make sure that you are answering the question that has been asked in those supplemental questions. Find out more hinst how to make your story more grappling on Edusson.

Colleges are going to be very sensitive to whether or not you cared enough about their institution to answer the question they were asking but very often you can repurpose essays bob has a comment on that yes thank you go ahead I often like dialogue because it pulls the reader right into the story but the answer to that that’s going to be as different as the story you’re telling that I would say just jump right into the story and run the story by some friends what what we do here is we have students share their essays and we ask the peers to put a blue dot where they lose interest if they put a blue dot right at the beginning you did not have a grabber Bob do you have thoughts about that oh I agree with you completely Peggy and when you think about it College Admission officers on average when I was at Stanford the admission officers read between 1,500 to 1,800 applications a year when I was at Berkeley it was closer to 2,000 applications a year and so they’re reading through application after application and that interesting first sentence that really has that hook just find out oh I wonder what happened here there’s always a really good approach to take so that they do really pay close attention to the entire essay and are interested throughout I love Peggy’s idea of putting a blue dog where somebody may lose interest. Read this article, to make your essay more effective.

Because it allows you to reframe the entire story so that they keep their attention throughout the entire essay and you’re not going to get to that grandmas Bob you know next question a couple questions on wait sorry things you can do first of all the links that come an application which covers a line of essays allows 650 words another fairly common length is 500 words but many of the supplemental questions that colleagues colleges ask are in the hundred and 50 to 250 word range so what you need to do is write the story that you want to write check the word limit and then go back and read and say if I take this out do I change the meaning and usually you can cut out a lot of words.