Enjoy Your Writing

One accomplishment or event you have to talk about the transition in your experience of who you are that has to be a transition where you felt more adult than you usually do and remember that you’re going to choose culture or community or family so you need to focus in on one experience which could be an experience over days or weeks but you need to narrow this topic you need to love the story that you tell if you don’t love reading it the readers the outside not going to love it either so take control decide what it is that you want to prove to the college about the best of who you are and then figure out which prompt provides the best framework for your story. Find out how to make your essay enjoyable at Edusson.

So I’m going to show how you could take one aspect of you that you wanted to share and you could use any of the prompts to do it if let’s say that you were a passionate musician and you wanted to show your passion for music and for being a musician well you could write about music as the background central to your identity prompt number one or you might write about the time that you made a big mistake at a concert or we’re not accepted to an ensemble you auditioned for or as I painfully remember from my high school years the time you panicked at a competition and completely blew the sight-reading part or what if you thought you only liked classical music but you tried a different ensemble and fell in love with jazz well that’s your that’s the change in perspective essay or what if the summer music retreats are where you are the most content well there’s the place where you are content essay or what about the summer you were asked to teach a younger ensemble that was the first time that you were asked to be considered the adult in the situation any one of those six prompts could allow a student musician to demonstrate leadership passion talent working well with others intellectual curiosity or whatever it was that they wanted to use their passion for music to show about themselves. Before writing an essay you need to learn how to connect your thoughts.

So decide first what it is you want the college to learn about you and then go and look at the prompts and figure out which one works best for you my final thoughts for you are to be sure to check the admissions office web pages of the college’s that you are considering because often they will have excellent about advice about what they are looking for from the essay pay particular attention to the supplemental essays College Arts are asking for because colleges have in mind their values and what’s most important to them when they choose those questions for you to answer so don’t do the supplements at the last minute late at night that’s going to really disadvantage you in the process and finally enjoy the writing a good essay should be a fun story for you to write.