A More Effective Essay

The essay will pull the reader through it with more energy and be more effective when shortened so a good essay is going to take three or four drafts to get the details at the beginning that captured the readers interest and keep the reader interested and stay within the length essays do don’t waste words on a title essay should not have a title and don’t restate the question that’s that’s a waste of words you’ve checked a box on the application so the reader knows what prompt you’re writing to so don’t feel that you have to say the place where I’m most content is just get with the story and finally there really is no format you’re writing as a storyteller so the key elements the only formal I think structure would be pull the reader in with your opening make them want to know what’s going to happen next and then have some oomph at the end leaving them wanting kind of more or to know more about this person you okay. Learn more about text and essay effectiveness at Edusson.

I you know the the college wants to hear your voice so in regards to weather and weather quotes are cliche it is rare that I find that a quote adds to an essay I would say you only have a limited number of words you’re better off using your words but that’s not an absolute and we’ll we’ll let Bob weigh in on that as well but in general I think the college would rather hear your words and yes even if you are below the college’s admit profile they will read your essay if you go to the trouble of writing that they will read it but I have if you when you’re crafting the list of colleges that you will apply to you need to think about putting the maximum amount of the energy into the applications that are most likely to yield admission so my warning would be don’t spend all of your time at the beginning writing for colleges where it is highly unlikely that they will admit you and then not have time to do a really good job on the applications that are more likely to be successful but yes. Find out what a blue dog in text means here.

Readers will read the entire application even if the academic profile is not going to make you admissible to that institution and then the last question about whether a port essay on the SAT or a CT makes a really well-crafted application essay looks suspicious is it depends if your English grades are low if it looks if the essay is not consistent with the rest of the picture on the application then the reader is going to be suspicious and that’s one that loves should probably weigh in on Bob what do you say sure it’s an interesting question thanks for asking that question you know I think there is a question that the admission office may have of seeing a score out of a four on an SAT supplement or an ATT supplement essay score but they’re very different approaches.